History       PIRTEK® was born in Australia when Peter Duncan saw a need for an on-site business to business service. Duncan began operations from his garage, and quickly grew the brand into a distribution network. In the early 1980’s, Duncan was introduced to franchising and found the model made a lot more sense than the disconnected distribution network he had established.
    Coming on the heels of success in Australia, in 1989 the PIRTEK® System was established in the United Kingdom where it became a leader in the franchise world and was named Franchise of the Year. In 1996 the PIRTEK® System crossed the ocean and came to the United States. The US is still in its infancy and ripe for growth.
    Through the years, this model has been refined and perfected. After more than 30 years, we know what works and what doesn’t, so when we open in a new market, it’s very hard for our competitors (if any) to keep up.
    PIRTEK® was honored with the prestigious “International Franchise of the Year” award and is currently conducting business in 23 countries establishing PIRTEK® International as a world leader in our industry.